Continuing a family legacy, the Tiffanys – Paul and daughter, Christyl – explain their vision for Luminas and the Litarc® products.

Christyl:    ☺

We intend to provide products that complement an upscale environment, yet can be afforded by the average homeowner or small-business owner.  The Litarc® Product Set does just that.  We enable our customers to create their own designs that can be easily implemented at one half to one third of the usual cost for stained-glass windows.


Some stained-glass windows have survived over a century, but judging by the sediment on many – both inside and out – the leading is not particularly weather-proof.  Cleaning can be difficult and potentially damaging, and may require professional specialists.  Modern glass paint and colored plastic film can be attractive, but exposure to sunlight for even a couple of hours per day can destroy them within a couple of years.  Colored glass with the coloring elements embedded in the glass can retain its intense color for many years.

Hence, Litarc® Glass Tiles!